The DeVore Cemetery

The Devore Cemetery is located on the corner of Edgewood & Bowie Streets in Liberty, Liberty County, Texas. It only contains three marked graves and may contain unmarked graves. We have transcribed this cemetery to the best of our ability, but no matter how careful we have been, this transcription may contain errors. Always refer to the original source for accurate information. Please note that when you click on a hyperlinked name in the index, it will take you to the headstone inscription for that person. When you click on the hyperlinked name in the headstone inscription area, it will take you to a photograph taken of their headstone. These gifs will take time to load, but hopefully it will be worth the wait. To get back to this page, you must hit your web browser back button.



  1. Jesse DeVore
    1 LA Militia
    War of 1812
    January 16, 1789
    January 24, 1849

  2. Warren DeVore*
    March 20, 1848
    May 16, 1913
    Faithful in his trust even unto death.

  3. Emma DeVore*
    October 28, 1848
    February 10, 1922
    A tender Mother and a faithful friend.

    *Share a double stone

Notes in italics are made by the transcribers.

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