Fields Cemetery

The Fields Cemetery is located in the community of Clark, Liberty County, Texas

Marked graves inventoried September 3, 2000 by Lloyd D. (Danny) & Joyce Munson and family.  Additional graves located in part using a hand drawn plot or map provided by Helen Sutton Land, daughter of Dewey & Exa Sutton.  There are an unknown number of graves here whose identity and location have been lost.

    This family cemetery is located on a hill on private property.  It is divided into two sections.  The Fields & Sutton families on the left and the Burress families on the right. When the land surrounding it became a cow pasture, the Fields/Sutton family wanted to lock the gate to keep the cows out.
The Burress family did not want their side locked, a new fence was built dividing the cemetery into two "L shaped" sections.

Abbreviations used are:
HS - Headstone
FHM - Funeral Home Marker
Additional information added in {---}

An Historical Marker is located inside the fence.

"1756 - 1956
Liberty Bicentennial Observance
Isaiah Fields Original Homestead,
Granted by Republic of Mexico 1835,
Bill Daniel Director General, W. D. Partlow Chairman
Historical Marker Committee"

This cemetery was transcribed by Lloyd D. (Danny) & Joyce Munson and family. They have transcribed this cemetery to the best of their ability, but no matter how careful they may have been, this transcription may contain errors. Always refer to the original source for accurate information. If you have any corrections or additions, please contact the webmaster of this site.


Fields - Sutton Section

Row # 1
Wallace, L. V.  born Oct 20, 1927  died Aug 26, 1986
    {Leon Vernon, S/o Iney Sutton & Sidney Clay "Sid" Wallace}
    Military Marker - AS  US Navy  World War II
Wallace, Iney {Sutton}  born Apr 4, 1894  died Jan 20, 1974
    {D/o William Cullen Sutton & Mattie Stephenson, W/o Sid Wallace}
Wallace, Sid  born July 13, 1884  died  Mar 19, 1958
    {Sidney Clay "Sid" Wallace, H/o Iney Sutton}
Row # 2
Henley, Thelma Rea  born 1924  died 1998,
    {W/o Turner D. Henley, Sr.}
    Between these two graves is a cement plaque in the shape of Texas
    with the insc. "May You All Rest in Peace at Home"
Henley, Turner D., Sr.  born Nov 4, 1918   died Aug 5, 1989,
    {Turner Dewey, S/o Lillian Sutton & Willie Henley}
    Military Marker - Pvt US Army
Row # 3
Sutton, Dewey  born Sept 29, 1899  died Nov 9, 1933, "At Rest"
    {S/o William Cullen Sutton & Mattie Stephenson, H/o Exa C. Legg}
Row #4
Henley, Lillian Sutton   born {Sept 18,}1897  died {Dec 23,}1968
    {D/o William Cullen Sutton & Mattie Stephenson, W/o Willie Henley}
Row # 5
Henley, Chester  born Oct 1, 1915  died Oct 26, 1915
    {S/o Lillian Sutton & Willie Henley, Twin/o Ester}
    Homemade HS, very hard to read
Wallace, Susie  born Apr 8, 1912  died Aug 8, 1912
    {D/o Iney Sutton & Sidney Clay "Sid" Wallace}
    Homemade HS, very hard to read
Double Stone....Sutton's....W. C. & Mattie: {married Dec 24, 1886}
Sutton, W. C. {William Cullen}  born 1867  died 1902,
    {S/o Oliver & Mary Deason Sutton, H/o Mattie Stephenson}
Sutton, Mattie {Stephenson}  born {May 16,}1870  died {Jan 8,}1907
    {Martha "Mattie", D/o Eli S. Stephenson & Selina J. Fields,
    W/o William Cullen Sutton}
Sutton, Birdie  born Sept 17, 1895  died July 11, 1899
    {D/o William Cullen Sutton & Mattie Stephenson}
Row # 6
Wallace, Audry   born July 9, 1913  died Sept 12, 1922,
    {Audrey Mae, D/o Iney Sutton & Sidney Clay Wallace}
    Homemade HS
Foster, Don Leon  born Mar 24, 1947  died  Dec 24, 1947,  "Son"
    {S/o Lucille Wallace & Estel Foster}
Foster, Estel  born June 25, 1909  died Sept 7, 1990, "Our Loved One"
    {H/o Lucille Wallace}
Foster, Lucille {Wallace}  born June 23, 1916  died Sept 24, 1999,
    "OurLoved One" {D/o Iney Sutton & Sidney Clay Wallace,
    W/o Estel Foster} FHM - "Alma L."
Row # 7
Unknown, against the inside fence at the foot of what used to be a large
    Cedar tree a grave is now  marked with the old HS of Randolph R. Fields.
    The identity of the person buried there is not known.
Row # 8
Fields, Randolph R.  born {Feb}1839  died 1902,
   {S/o Isaiah & Sarah Gowin Fields, He married (1) Eliza Tarkington
    (2) Martha J. "Mattie" Ross}
    CSA Marker - Pvt Co K 5 Tex Inf Reg Hoods Texas Brig CSA
Fields, William H.  born Aug 10, 1843  died July 7, 1863
    {S/o Isaiah & Sarah Gowin Fields,
     buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va. in an unidentified grave}
    CSA Marker - In Memory,  Killed in Action - Gettysburg
    Pvt Co K Hoods Brig 5 Tx Inf CSA
Fields, Vernal B.  born 1842  died 1872
    {S/o Isaiah & Sarah Gowin Fields, H/o Miranda Thompkins,
    He was fatally struck by lightening while working in his field}
    CSA Marker - Pvt Co K Hoods Brig 5 Tx Inf CSA
Row # 9
Pool, Annie {Pipkin}  born Feb 29, 1874   died April  11, 1966
    {D/o Selina Fields & Laird David Pipkin,
    She married: (1) John Isler, (2) Thea Rye, (3) Richard Hart, (4) Dan Pool}
    Homemade HS is now unreadable. FHM added.
Pipkin, Selina {Fields}  born June 6, 1833  died Feb 15, 1915
    {D/o Isaiah & Sarah Gowin Fields; she married:
    (1) W. C. "Billy" Claybrooks, (2) Eli Stephenson, & (3) Laird David Pipkin}
    Homemade HS, with "S" written backwards, is now broken & hard to read.
    FHM added.
Claybrooks, W. C.   no dates readable
    {Either 1st H/o or S/o Selina Fields, both had same name}
Unknown, now marked with the old & broken HS of Dewey Sutton.
    {May be grave of 2nd H/o Selina J. Fields,
Stephenson, Eli Sechart, born Feb 25, 1835  died Aug 12, 1871,
    S/o William Stephenson & Mary Prewette.
    He married Selina Fields Aug 2, 1868}
 Akins, Serena L. {Fields} born 1830  died 21 June, 1896
    {D/o Isaiah & Sarah Gowin Fields, she married:
    (1) Valentine Buxton, &  (2) Henderson Akins}
    Homemade HS, with "S" written backwards, is now broken and unreadable,
    FHM added.
Fields, Sarah {Gowin}  born 1800  died 1889
    {D/o Thomas & Nancy Johnson Gowin,  W/o Isaiah S. Fields}
    Homemade HS, written with the "S" backwards, is now unreadable.
    FHM added.
Fields, Isaiah S.  born about 1790  died  Nov 18, 1858,
    Marked only with a piece of stone, which had been covered by dirt and
    grass.{H/o Sarah Gowin, He served in the Army of Texas July 7, 1836 -
    Oct 7, 1836 as a member of Capt. Hardin's Co.} FHM added.

(A) There are two children, sons of James Michael & Sarah Ann Buxton Cain, buried here in unmarked graves. The location of their graves has been lost, but their names are:
1) Cain, Dyer Swan  born August 8, 1875   died August 21, 1888.
2) Cain, Robert Lee Wyatt  born April 16, 1883  died July 19, 1888

(B) Isaiah & Sarah Gowin Fields had another daughter:
Stevens, Sophronia, born 1829  died June 14, 1872.
    She married (1) Samuel D. Sansom & (2) John Walker Stevens on
    May 1, 1853. Her place of burial is unknown.

Burress Section:

Row # 1
Williams, James Thomas  born 1945  died 1977, FHM only
Williams, Eliza born "193" (only numbers there)  died 1959, Homemade HS
Williams, Joe  born 1931  died 1941, Homemade HS
Williams, J. C.  died 1949, Homemade HS
Unknown,  marked with pink Cement Block
Wright, Andrea Jo  "Jody",  born June 18, 1973  died July 23, 1974
Stepp, Lillie Mae born Jan 23, 1940  died Dec 29, 1999,   FHM only
Row # 2
Young, May  born 19__6   died 1926
Infant, "Baby At Rest". 1924 only date given
Burress, J. M.  born 1863   died 1919,  Homemade HS
Burress, Nellie  no dates, "At Rest"
Howard, Mrs Nellie  no dates,  "At Rest"
Jennie Burress Blakly, born Oct 20, 1881  died Feb 2, 1932,
    Homemade HS
Row # 3
Unknown,  marked only with Cinder Block
Kelly, Jennie  born 1941  died 1941,  Homemade HS
Unknown, unreadable cement HS with a Dove
    {Probably is grave of  Dirkin, Zella A., born June 18_3
    died Feb 15, 1914}
Unknown, marked with Cement Pad
Mallicote, Noah  born 1883  died 1960

The submitter/transcriber has given expressed written permission to the webmaster of this website to store this file permanently for free access. Submitted and transcribed by:  Lloyd D. (Danny) & Joyce Munson and family

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