The Riggs Cemetery

The Riggs Cemetery is located in the median between the north and southbound lanes of Highway 59 just north of the San Jacinto River, north of Splendora Texas.  A small cemetery surrounded by a chain link fence located in a grove of trees, it is well taken care of.  We have transcribed this cemetery to the best of our ability, but no matter how careful we have been, this transcription may contain errors. Always refer to the original source for accurate information. Please note that when you click on a hyperlinked name in the index, it will take you to the headstone inscription for that person. When you click on the hyperlinked name in the headstone inscription area, it will take you to a photograph taken of their headstone. These gifs will take time to load, but hopefully it will be worth the wait. To get back to this page, you must hit your web browser back button.


Unknown no name or dates

Blasdell, Mary Frances   1903 1904

Blasdell, Jonathan Hiram  1864 1922

Riggs, Roy  b. 1900   d. 1915

Riggs, Thomas    April 8, 1837   Aug 10, 1914   (will get better pic next time)

Riggs, Virginia  1844 1892

Riggs, Virginia  1898 1900

Riggs, Ollie    (no dates)

Riggs, Hugh   (no dates)

Grady, V    (no dates)

Grady, J    (no dates)

Unknown name plate missing

Hall, Raymond Louis  1898 1976   Pvt US Army  WWI

Hall, Pearl L   Jan 8, 1903   Aug 19, 1984

Hall, Ray L    June 20, 1898    Nov 4, 1976

Koop, A F    Jan 20, 1851   Jan 8, 1929

Riggs, Mae Opaline    May 3, 1923   April 21, 1996    Mar. June 10, 1939

Riggs, Jesse Marlin  Apr 5, 1915   May 28, 1989   Mar. June10, 1939

Riggs, Lizzie  Nov 13, 1876   Mar 20, 1916   wife of Walter S Riggs  WOW

Riggs, Walter S    1867 1955

Riggs, Minnie   1902 1920

Riggs, Lillian C    Feb 27, 1908   Oct 10, 1985


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