Romayor Cemetery

The Romayor Cemetery is located in the community of Romayor, Liberty County, Texas on FM 2610 between County Road 2151 and 2152. Romayor Cemetery is next door to the First Baptist Church of Romayor. This cemetery was transcribed by Sandy Kornegay Rhodes. She has transcribed this cemetery to the best of her ability, but no matter how careful she may have been, this transcription may contain errors. Always refer to the original source for accurate information. If you have any corrections, additions or know of any unmarked graves, please contact the webmaster of this site. When you click on the hyperlinked name at the headstone inscription, it will take you to a photograph taken of their headstone or marker. Photographs were taken by Billy and Carla Clifton. These jpeg files will take time to load, but they will hopefully be worth the wait. To get back to this page after viewing a photo, you must hit your back button.

Double Headstone:
ALLEN, Abb                    b.   1873   d.   1936
ALLEN, Lula                   b.   1892   d.   1966
Double Headstone: [headstone contains a photograph of them]:
ALLEN, Claude                 b. 22 Feb 1909   d. 25 Feb 1975
ALLEN, Ruby                   b. 17 Jun 1913   d. no date
Double Headstone: "married:  20 Jan 1950"
ALLEN, Dominey                b. 27 Nov 1927   d. 26 Aug 1991
footstone    b. 27 Nov 1927   d. 26 Aug 1991  "US MARINE CORPS"
ALLEN, Lois M.                b. 31 Jul 1929   d. no date
ALLEN, Levi                   b.   1847   d.   1930
Double Headstone:
ALLEN, Mack                   b. 22 Jan 1887   d. 30 Oct 1973 "We lived together in happiness."
footstone  b. 22 Jan 1887   d. 30 Oct 1973  "PVT US ARMY"
ALLEN, Pearl B.               b. 28 Nov 1900   d. 18 Sep 1982 "We rest together in peace."
footstone "We love you, Mom"
ALLEN, Mrs. Mary              b. no date       d. no date      [Name plate]
ALLEN, Truitt W.              b. 15 Mar 1915   d. 25 Feb 1931
BALLEW, Len                   b.   1881   d.   1976  [Hammer Insignia]
BEASLEY, L. (Bosie)           b.   1901   d.   1976
BEASLEY, Lemuel               b. 11 Dec 1901   d. 17 Jun 1976  "PVT US ARMY WWII"
BLAKE, Lonnie                 b. 18 Oct 1909   d. 23 Feb 1969 
BLAKE, Merdith Lee Beasley    b. 21 Dec 1910   d. 23 Mar 1991  "Aunt Myrt"
BLAND, Minnie L.              On Earth: 5 Apr 1928   In Heaven: 14 Jun 1988  "MOTHER"
"Life is not forever - Love is." [Daughter of Grant and Bertha Gregory (contributor)]
BOARD, Arthur Ray             b. 16 Aug 1900   d.  9 Mar 1991  "BELOVED DAD"
Double Headstone:
   BROWN, Melvin D.              b. 23 Aug 1900   d. 24 Nov 1984
   BROWN, Marguerite             b.  5 Jan 1923   d. 10 Jan 2000
"Precious Memories of You Dwell In Our Hearts"
BROWN, Myrtle Mae             b. 17 Oct 1909   d. 13 Dec 1980
"For To Me To Live Is Christ and To Die Is Gain Phil. 1:21"
BROWN, Vonnie Alton           b. 28 Apr 1907   d.  9 May 1996
"Saved by Grace Eph. 2:8"
[footstone]   b.  1907   d.   1996  "US ARMY WW II"
BUCK, John B.                 b. no date       d. no date 2 "ALA. INF. SP. AM. WAR"
[John was known as "J. B." Franklin. b: abt 1868, d: July 1927, Husband of Maude Atha (nee Freeman)       Franklin. Father of Mildred Alene (nee Franklin) Clifton. (contributor)]
BURMEISTER, Shirley           b. 20 Oct 1919   d. 17 May 1996  "SISTER"
"In Loving Memory"
CARR, Jolly Frank             b.   1910   d.   1966  "FATHER"
"Love Never Faileth" [Son of Jolly John and Carrie Belle Oats Collins Carr,
brother of Gertie Lee Carr Hardy, Mamie Carr Krause, Ola Vee Carr Griffitts and J. B. Carr
Double Headstone:   "married:  4 Nov 1939"
CARR, Louvella                b. 27 Sep 1920   d. 18 Jun 1985 "Beloved Wife and Mother"
CARR, J. B.                   b.  8 Jul 1919   d. 21 Sep 1966 "Beloved Husband and Father" [Son of Jolly John and Carrie Belle Oats Collins Carr, brother of Gertie Lee Carr Hardy, Mamie Carr Krause, Ola Vee Carr Griffitts and Jolly Frank Carr (contributor)]
CARTER, Oscar                 b. 22 Jan 1905   d.  9 Jul 1979
CAUBLE, John W.               b. 18 Jun 1878   d. 27 Jul 1947  "FATHER  AT REST"
CAUBLE, Hershel T.            b. 31 Aug 1907   d. 20 Jan 1963  [Mason emblem]
CHEEK, George Washington     
[b. 29 Nov 1883   d.  9 Nov 1941  (Has no headstone)]
[Husband of Hattie Mae Corzine (contributor)]
CLIFTON, Dow T.               b. 11 Aug 1912   d.  9 Nov 1982 [Dow Thomas Clifton was the husband of       Mildred Alene (nee Franklin) Clifton. Son of John Samuel and Ina Ethel (nee Duke) Clifton. (contributor)]
CLIFTON, Mildred Lenora       b.  5 Jul 1941   d. 31 Jan 1942 "Our baby doll." [Daughter of Dow and       Mildred Alene (nee Franklin) Clifton. (contributor)]
Double Headstone:   "married:  3 Oct 1936"
COLLINS, Emil Seidel          b.   1912   d.   1983
[footstone]    b.  1912   d.   1983    "SSGT US ARMY WORLD WAR II"
COLLINS, Lavella P.           b.   1913   d. no date
Double Headstone:
CONLEY, Joseph M.             b. 20 Mar 1913   d. 29 May 1981
CONLEY, Lexie V.              b.  9 Aug 1915   d. 20 Oct 1989
CONNEELY, Patsy F.            b. 22 May 1941   d. 19 Dec 1999  "Our Mother" [Youngest daughter of John Gail and Ola Vee Carr Griffitts, sister of Edna Imogene Griffitts Reid and Ella May "Bill" Griffitts Leverett (contributor)
COPELAND, Minnie              b. 10 Apr 1904   d. 12 Apr 1937
CORZINE, Hattie Mae          
[b. 29 Aug 1893   d. 31 Aug 1968 - No Headstone]
[nee Stout, mother of Gladys Hayes and Fay Munson (contributor)]
CRAWFORD, Henry D.       b. 29 Nov 1909   d.  7 Apr 1979 "Hop"
Double Headstone:
CUVELIER, Eugene              b.   1900   d.   1976
CUVELIER, Hazel               b.   1915   d.   1994
"Precious Memories"
DAVIS, Henry                  b.  1 Feb 1908   d.  6 Jul 1987
DAVIS, Marie                  b.  8 May 1911   d.  no date
"Together Forever"
DEES. Pearlie A.              b.  3 Sep 1906   d.  4 Dec 1980
DOSIER, C. E. Rocky           b.   1902   d.   1979
FANT, Elbert T.               b. 14 Dec 1911   d. 12 Mar 1980  "PAPA We LoveYou"
FANT, Mary Joyce              b. 28 Mar 1922   d. 26 Aug 1986  "AUNT SIS"
Double Headstone:
FOWLER, James Pete            b. 11 Jan 1901   d. 11 May 1969
FOWLER, Celestia Pet          b. 12 Dec 1901   d. 27 Nov 1977
FOWLER, W. Glendon            b.  2 Aug 1943   d. 12 Dec 1978  "TROOP" [Mason emblem]
FRANKLIN, Maude Atha          b.  2 Oct 1880   d. 19 Jan 1961 [nee Freeman. Wife of John B. Buck.  Mother of Mildred Alene (Franklin) Clifton. (contributor)]
GENICE [small block next to Griff Millard]
GHORMLEY, Allen Justus        b. 13 Sep 1915   d. 14 Oct 1975  "PFC US ARMY WWII"
[Son of Martha Guthrie]
GREEN, Virgil "Bud"           b.  9 Aug 1912   d. 14 Jan 1985
GREGORY, Bertha M.            b. 14 May 1888   d. 26 Aug 1974 
[nee Stone. Daughter of Allen and Minnie Stone, mother of Irma Oberg (contributor)]
GREGORY, Dana A.              b.  9 Jan 1948   d. 18 Jan 1948
"A Child Shall Lead Them" [Child of Hector Grant Gregory, Jr. (contributor)]
GREGORY, Baby Grant           b. no date       d. no date      [Name plate]
GREGORY, Grant                b. 25 Jun 1887   d. 10 May 1976
[Husband of Bertha Gregory (contributor)]
Double Headstone:   "married:  30 Apr 1935"
GRIFFITTS, John Gail          b. 20 Apr 1910   d.  1 Apr 1987 [Husband of Ola Vee Carr Griffitts, father of Patsy Faye Griffitts Conneely, Edna Imogene Griffitts Reid and Ella May "Bill" Griffitts Leverett and brother of Stella V. Griffitts Hinklin (contributor)]
GRIFFITTS, Ola Vee            b. 26 Dec 1918   d.  5 Sep 1988 [Daughter of Jolly John and Carrie Belle Collins Oats Carr, sister of Gertie Lee Carr Hardy, Mamie Carr Krause, Jolly Frank Carr and J. B. Carr, and mother of Patsy Faye Griffitts Conneely, Edna Imogene Griffitts Reid and Ella May "Bill" Griffitts Leverett (contributor)]
GRIMES, Lee A.                b.  2 Nov 1904   d. 22 Jul 1954
[Homemade concrete marker]
GUTHRIE, Jean Maxine Kornegay b.  6 Mar 1925   d. 31 Jul 1987 "Loved by all whose lives she touched"
[Daughter of Edna Kornegay (contributor)]
GUTHRIE, Martha Ghormley      b.  1 Jan 1896   d.  1978  "BELOVED MOTHER"
[nee Martha Gertrude Stone, daughter of Allen and Minnie Stone (contributor)]
HALTOM, Tommy Shirl           b.  9 Dec 1971   d. 10 Dec 1971
"God Bless Our Baby"
HARDY, Arthur Louis           b. 16 Mar 1927   d. 18 Oct 1980  "F1 US NAVY WWII" [Son of John Miles and Gertie Lee Carr Hardy, brother of Robert Miles Hardy and Vera Nadine Hardy Pongratz.  Birth father of Lois Faye Hardy (contributor)]
Double Headstone:[Mason emblem and Eastern Star emblem]
HARDY, John M.                b.   1900   d.   1962  "FATHER" [His middle name is Miles. Son of Robert Thomas and Lela Skipper Hardy, husband of Gertie Lee Carr Hardy, father of Arthur Louis Hardy, Robert Miles Hardy and Vera Nadine Hardy Pongratz (contributor)]  
HARDY, Gertie L.              b.   1902   d.  1977  "MOTHER" [Her middle name is Lee. Daughter of Jolly John and RosaLee Roberds Carr, wife of John Miles Hardy, mother of Arthur Louis Hardy, Robert Miles Hardy and Vera Nadine Hardy Pongratz (contributor)]
HARDY, Robert Miles           b. 17 Aug 1930   d. 24 Nov 1973
"AT 1 US NAVY KOREA" [Son of John Miles and Gertie Lee Carr Hardy (contributor)]
HAYES, Gladys (Cheek)         b. 29 Jun 1922   d.  7 Oct 1975
[Daughter of George W. Cheek and Hattie M. Corzine (contributor)]
HILLIN, Bobbie Starr          b. 28 Mar 1923   d. 21 Aug 1990  [Eastern Star emblem]
HILLIN, Elmer H.              b. 10 Jul 1919   d. 25 Dec 1994  "Your loving family" [Mason emblem]
HINKLIN, Baby                 b.  1936   d.  1936  [Homemade stone]
HINKLIN, Beauford             b.  6 Oct  1915     d. 11 May 1938  "Son" [Homemade stone]
Double Headstone:
HINKLIN, Charles              b. 12 Jul 1880   d.  3 Nov 1962
HINKLIN, Florence C.          b.  9 Oct 1885   d. 18 Jul 1963
[nee Florence Charity Stone (contributor)]
HINKLIN, Darrell D.           b. 18 Jan 1932   d.  9 Mar 1973
"Louisiana Cpl US ARMY KOREA" [Son of Stella Viola Griffitts Hinklin and nephew of John Gail Griffitts (contributor)]
HINKLIN, Johnie               b.  1936   d.  1936  "Baby" [Homemade stone]
HINKLIN, Oren J.              b.  8 Jan 1902   d.  7 Jan 1936  [Homemade stone]
HINKLIN, Stella V.            b.  1906   d.  1993  "MOTHER" [Funeral home marker had her name as Stella    Viola Hinklin.] [nee Griffitts. Mother of Darrell D. Hinklin and sister of John Gail Griffitts (contributor)]
Double Headstone:   "married:  7 Oct 1939"
HOOPER, William M.            b. 21 Jul 1917   d. 20 Oct 1985
HOOPER, Myra W.               b. 12 Aug 1917   d. 26 May 1991
HOOPER, William Marvin (foot) b. 21 Jul 1917   d. 20 Oct 1985  "PVT US ARMY"
Double Headstone:
   HORD, Esther Louise           b. 13 Mar 1928   d. 11 Oct 1999
   HORD, Charles Newton          b. 16 Aug 1938   d. no date
HUGHES, John A.               b. 18 Jul 1879   d. 11 Mar 1951  "AT REST"
[Homemade stone]
HUGHES, Sarah M.              b.  2 May 1881   d.  2 Mar 1934
"She was the Sunshine of Our Home"
HYDEN, Ivo W.                 b.  1914   d.   1991
[Funeral home marker - Cochran Funeral Home]
Triple Headstone:
JOHNSON, James E.             b. 16 Nov 1940   d. 18 Jan 1964
JOHNSON, Dennis W.            b.  6 Dec 1963   d. 18 Jan 1964
JOHNSON, Donna J.             b. 29 Mar 1944   d. 18 Jan 1964  [nee Moulder. Daughter of Emmitt and Roxie Moulder (contributor)]
Double Headstone:
JOHNSON, P. L. (Pete)         b. 21 Jan 1904   d. 15 Apr 1973
JOHNSON, Hester L.            b. 22 Jul 1914   d. 10 Nov 1988
Double Headstone:
JOHNSON, Ruby                 b.   1919   d.   1970  "MOTHER"
"I Have Fought a Good Fight I Have Kept the Faith II TI 4:7"
JOHNSON, Silas West           b.   1914   d.   1986  "FATHER"
JONES, Edward D.              b. 31 Dec 1924   d.  8 Mar 1936
"Angels Hands Took You Home" [Son of Mamie Carr Krause(contributor)]
KORNEGAY, Edna Frances Stone  b.  8 Mar 1903   d. 29 Aug 1982  [Headstone has her photograph on it.]
[Spouse buried AR. Daughter of Allen and Minnie Stone, Mother of Maxine Guthrie, W.V. Kornegay (contributor)]
KORNEGAY, William V.          b. 28 Dec 1928   d. 29 Mar 1990  "US ARMY WW II"
KRAUSE, Mamie B.              b.  4 Mar 1907   d.  9 Oct 1978
"Beloved Mother and Sister" [Sister of Gertie Lee Carr Hardy, Ola Vee Carr Griffitts, Jolly Frank Carr and J. B. Carr, daughter of Jolly John and Carrie Belle Collins Oats Carr, mother of Edward D. Jones. (contributor)]
Double Headstone:   "married:  23 Jul 1954"
   LEVERETT, Eddie Dean          b. 31 Oct 1931   d. no date
   LEVERETT, Ella Mae            b. 18 Feb 1937   d. 11 May 1996
[(Known as "Bill" to the family) Wife of Eddie Dean (Buddy) , oldest daughter of John and Ola Vee Carr Griffitts (contributor)]         
Double Headstone:
LEVINESS, Louie               b. 14 May 1905   d.  6 Jun 1982
LEVINESS, Lucille             b.  5 Aug 1916   d. 26 Jan 1990
Double Headstone:
LEWIS, James F.               b. 15 Jul 1913   d.  6 May 1982
LEWIS, Mary E.                b. 22 Jan 1913   d. 27 Apr 1993
MCDANIEL, Minnie Ola Collins     b.   1915   d.   1993
"Where the Flowers Bloom Forever"
MILLARD, Griff Ray            b. 18 Nov 1953   d. 19 Sep 1987  "IN GOD'S CARE"
Double Headstone:
MONTGOMERY, John G.           b.   1916   d.  1982
MONTGOMERY, Maurine S.        b.   1913   d. no date
Moulder, Mrs. Amie       b. no date    d. no date   [Name plate]
MOULDER, Billy Green          b. 11 Nov 1937   d. 13 Oct 1964
[Son of Emmitt Moulder (contributor)]
MOULDER, Charles Ray          b.  1 Jul 1935   d. 18 Jun 1953
[Son of Emmitt Moulder (contributor)]
MOULDER, E.                   b. no date       d. no date    "Baby"
Double Headstone: "married: 8 Apr 1940"
MOULDER, Emmitt               b. 16 Sep 1897   d. 19 Sep 1965
MOULDER, Roxie L. Smith       b. 11 Mar 1919   d. 21 Jan 1995
"Present With The Lord" [Has their photograph on the headstone.]
MOULDER, Emmitt M.            b.  1926   d.  1978
MUNSON, Daniel                b. 18 Dec 1876   d. 17 Sep 1936
Double Headstone:
   MUNSON, Ernest R.             b. 29 Jan 1911   d. 16 Feb 2000
   MUNSON, Fay C.                b. 13 Sep 1919   d. no date     
[nee Fay Cheek (contributor)]
MUNSON, Melvin Oren           b.  buried       d. buried
"TEXAS PFC 19 INF 24 INF DIV KOREA PH" [Headstone has sunk halfway into ground.]
MUNSON, Violet Mrs.           b. no date       d. no date      [Name plate]
NOWELL, Etta Smith            b. 28 Oct 1906   d. 20 Jan 1986
NOWELL, George C.             b. 26 Jan 1901   d. 17 Nov 1970
NOWELL, Ruby Jane             b. 29 Apr 1948   d.  4 Mar 1949
OATES, Carrie B.              b. 12 Aug 1890   d. 20 Dec 1957  "BELOVED MOTHER" [Second wife of Jolly John Carr and mother of Mamie Carr Krause, Jolly Frank Carr, Ola Vee Carr Griffitts and J. B. Carr (contributor)]
OBERG, Irma               [no dates on headstone]    [b. 20 Jan 1907   d. 26 Oct 1938  nee Burton]
[Daughter Bertha Stone Gregory and Jack Burton(contributor)]
OLIVER, Cpl. Robert L.        b.   1950   d.  1971  "BELOVED SON"
"Rest in Peace" [Headstone has his photograph on it.]
PARNELL, Archie Norman        b.  6 Feb 1919   d. 21 Sep 1977  "MM3 US NAVY WWII"
Double Headstone:
PARNELL, Elmer Dee            b. 24 Nov 1893   d.  9 May 1976
PARNELL, Dollie B.            b. 16 Aug 1899   d.  4 Feb 1981
PATTERSON, Robert Benjamin    b.  6 Sep 1888   d. 20 Feb 1934  "IN LOVING MEMORY"
[footstone] - "Daddy Ben"
PONGRATZ, Nadine Hardy        b. 20 Feb 1924   d. 23 Jul 1997 [Oldest child and daughter of John Miles and Gertie Lee Carr Hardy (contributor)]
Double Headstone:
POTTER, Ephram P.             b. 13 Dec 1907   d. 15 May 1971
POTTER, Martha G.             b. 15 Mar 1923   d. no date
REID, Edna I.                 b. 14 Jul 1939   d.  5 Jan 1960  "BELOVED DAUGHTER" [nee Griffitts. Middle child of John and Ola Carr Griffitts (contributor)
ROBERTS, Beatrice Leviness    b.  5 Dec 1907   d. 14 Dec 1995
"My Beloved Mother" "She helped a lot of God's Children"
Double Headstone:
ROBERTS, Ben F.               b.  1863   d.  1960
ROBERTS, Sarah D.             b.   1865   d.  1941
ROBERTS, C. Richard           b.   1894   d.   1931
ROBERTS, Earl                 b. no date       d. no date      [Name plate]
Double Headstone:    "married:  8 Jun 1946"
ROBERTS, Elmer N.             b. 12 Nov 1924   d. 29 Apr 1994  "DADDY"
[footstone] b. 12 Nov 1924   d. 29 Apr 1994  "PFC US ARMY"
ROBERTS, Lottie               b.  5 Jun 1930   d. no date      "MAMA"
ROBERTS, Era                  b. no date       d. no date      [Name plate]
ROBERTS, Harrel Art           b. 11 Feb 1914   d. 14 Feb 1940
ROBERTS, Harvey Dewey         b. 30 Dec 1922   d. 17 Aug 1980
ROBERTS, Lottie Fay           b.   1929   d.  1932
ROBERTS, Melvin Glenn         b. 11 Mar 1927   d. 12 Jun 1960
Double Headstone:
SCALLONS, Johnnie R.          b. 28 Dec 1904   d. 20 Nov 1980  "FATHER"
SCALLONS, Lela L.             b. 23 Jan 1909   d. 14 Jan 1980  "MOTHER"
   "In Loving Memory"
Double Headstone:
SEWELL, James H.              b.   1852   d.   1927 [footstone]
SEWELL, Mollie L.             b.  1859   d.  1955 [footstone]
SEWELL, Sam H.                b.  1881   d.   1937
SKIDMORE, Oma Ruth            b.   1900   d.   1979
"In Memory of Our Loving Mother"
Double Headstone:
   SNELL, Ray Mabry              b. 23 Sep 1907   d.  6 Sep 1999
   SNELL, Ella Graves            b. 17 Aug 1914   d. no date
Double Headstone:
STANFIELD, Fred E.            b. 10 Feb 1918   d.  1 Sep 1979
STANFIELD, Effie F.           b. 27 Jan 1918   d. 10 Jun 1994
Double Headstone:
STONE, Allen J.               b. 13 Oct 1863   d. 15 Jun 1944
STONE, Minnie L.              b.  6 Mar 1868   d. 10 Aug 1937
Double Headstone:   "married:  21 Feb 1951"
SWISSHELM, Kenneth Wilbur     b.  4 Oct 1906   d. 31 Jan 1979
SWISSHELM, Elizabeth Louise   b. 27 Dec 1917   d.  6 Sep 1994
TEVIS, LaVon Hazel            b. 25 Feb 1918   d. 17 Nov 2000
[Pace-Stancil Funeral Home Cleveland, Texas In Loving Memory]
TEVIS, Kendall C.             b. 11 Dec 1916   d.  4 Jan 1984  "Sgt US ARMY WWII"
Double Headstone:   "married:  8 Jun 1946"
WARREN, Art                   b. 10 Jul 1908   d. 23 Feb 1987  [Mason emblem]
WARREN, Vera                  b. 12 Jul 1912   d. no date      [Eastern Star emblem]
WATERHOUSE, Charles L.        b. 10 Feb 1872   d.  3 Oct 1949
"Devoted Husband"
WATERHOUSE, Nancy E.          b. 11 Nov 1865   d. 20 May 1947
"A Devoted Wife and Mother"
WILMOTH, Rubin A.             b. 17 Feb 1886   d.  7 Feb 1966
WILMOTH, Texanna              b.  1 Jan 1893   d.  9 Apr 1935 "MOTHER"
WYSCHE, Icie B.               b. 14 Mar 1890   d. 21 Nov 1985  "MOTHER"

Items in italics are inscribed on the stone. Items in red are the transcriber's note or a contributor's note about their family. To email the contributor of the information, just click on the word contributor where you see the information. Name plates noted were handmade by Dow Clifton when he was caretaker of this cemetery to mark a gravesite.

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Photo's of headstones are provided by Billy and Carla Clifton.

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